I get a lot of questions from people about how they should go about detoxing mercury from their bodies. Here is a quick lsit of things to do.

1) Do a Quicksilvers heavy metal test. Measures blood, urine and saliva. I have these kits in my office for you to take to a lab. Cost is @ $300.

2) Open up the routes of elimination with specific supplements. Kidney and liver important.

3) Go slow. If it took a long time to build up then take your time in removing it. Mercury can be displaced from deep tissues and end up going to the brain and cause dizzines, vertigo.

4) Retest again with Quicksilver. Twice a year is good.

5) If you have metal fillings, have them removed early after you have supplimented well. Protect the brain by eating healthy fats and staying away from refined carbohydrates. Especially bread!  Important to have mercury removed safely by the dentist.