Snoring & Hypopnea Support

Snoring & Hypopnea Support in Las Vegas, NV


  • Power Greens (NM84, NM 100 or NM101)
  • ImmunoG PRP (NM175)
  • Immuno PRP Spray (NM176)
  • Gluten Sensitivity Packs (NM220)
  • Dual-Tox DPO (NM23)

Each morning, mix 1 scoop of Power Greens and 1 scoop of ImmunoG PRP with 8-10 oz of water, juice or almond milk.

In the afternoon, mix 1 scoop of Power Greens with 8-10 oz of water, juice or almond milk.

With the evening meal, take 1 Gluten Sensitivity pack .

Before bed, take 2 Dual-Tox DPO and 4 sprays of the Immuno PRP Spray.

These supplements can be found by clicking this link: NuMedica


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