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Dr. Bell is amazing! Him and his daughter do exceptional work and they are so gentle, polite, and attentive, even when I’m shaking like a leaf because I’m so nervous. They just make the process that much easier. I’ve been to Dr. Bell three times for various things and each time was great. Once he extracted a severely decayed wisdom tooth and he was able to get the very long rooted tooth out all in one piece and very gently at that. Before I went to Dr. Bell another dentist quoted me $900 cash price with x-rays to pull a wisdom tooth. Dr. Bell quoted me less than a third of that price for the same tooth. After all my years of going in and out of dentist’s offices Dr. Bell is the very best! And since he’s holistic he even helped me with my eczema imagine that! I love Dr. Bell, such a wonderful dentist.

Jennifer T.

Dr Bell helped my wife tremendously, he got her in immediately and diagnosed and treated her effectively and compassionately. We highly recommend him and his confidence in his ability spoke volumes. Highly recommend!

Don L.

Dr. Bell and his staff are always friendly and professional. They make you feel comfortable the moment you walk in the door! The care they give is outstanding. Dr. Bell has been my dentist for over 17 years, and I would never go anywhere else!

Michelle S.