Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry in Las Vegas, NV

Dr. Michael D. Bell has shifted his focus toward hi-tech dentistry in order to provide the highest level of care to his patients. With this new hi-tech equipment Dr. Bell has attained the highest level of training in aesthetics dentistry in order to incorporate this technology and apply it to make his patients get the cosmetic results that will make them look younger and more beautiful.

Dr. Bell has combined his knowledge of cosmetic dentistry and proper jaw placement to give patients the missing piece to the puzzle for total facial beauty. It only makes sense – to restore the underlying structure of the face, which is the teeth, to its proper beauty and dimension prior to having facial enhancement procedure that so many women are having today. The smile is the main focal point on the face. It says so much about who you are and how others perceive you. You can win over a person with a beautiful smile.

Today our society is very image conscience as seen in all the advertising we are exposed to every day, Americans are spending millions to improve their look. We all strive for that youthful and healthy look. We see beautiful people on magazine covers and T.V. shows. Look at the people who we see as beautiful and what most have in common is a beautiful smile. If you want an attractive youthful appearance you need to start with the smile first and build around that.

Dr. Bell’s hi-tech equipment and training has made this treatment of facial enhancement so much faster than ever before with one hour laser whitening or have full mouth reconstruction treatment in as little as two appointments. It’s amazing how fast a total transformation can occur with dental facial enhancement. People will notice the improved change in your overall appearance but do not realize that it’s your teeth that have changed. All they notice is the more youthful appearance. My patients are amazed at how much more they are complimented on their appearance or smile.

Some patients have had dental problems for a long time and may feel that their condition cannot improve. There is hope for all patients to improve their look to a more youthful appearance. Dr. Bell uses laser technology for healing gum disease comfortably. Also dentures are made with an emphasis on beauty and proper alignment that make the dentures look and feel natural. Dentures DO NOT have to make you look older and cause you pain.

Having missing teeth or poorly constructed dental work can cause many painful symptoms in the jaws; head or neck which is commonly referred to as TMJ. A poorly aligned lower jaw can cause a rippling effect of distortion down the rest of the body.

Dr. Bell can assess your dental condition and recommend treatment that will make you feel better and relieve a lot of the stress that the poor dental condition places on the body.

If you’re ready to make that step to a more youthful and beautiful you, call Dr. Michael D. Bell for your appointment today.