Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional Therapy in Las Vegas, NV

As a parent, you want what is best for your child and would like to provide them with the best opportunities to succeed in life. Did you know that a child’s posture, swallowing, eating habits, table manners, and breathing are all having a huge impact on your child? All of these things play a key role in your child’s maxillofacial developement and their chance for their best possible life. 

Good oral habits help with:

  • Proper growth and development
  • Facial beauty
  • Ability to do well in school
  • Preventing malocclusion
  • Lower chance of needing braces/extractions/maxillofacial surgery 
  • Lower chance of future sleep apnea

At The Bell Center, we examine beyond the teeth. We look at how your child is developing and what interceptions can be done to help them grow correctly. For example, we utilize the Myobrace system to aid in helping children develop good oral habits. 


When used correctly and with the help of a dentist, Myobrace promises to “catch the things that make kids’ teeth crooked in the first place and catch them early.” Myobrace does this by addressing two main patterns that create crooked teeth: mouth breathing and incorrect swallowing. Converting mouth breathers to nose breathers and correcting swallowing habits creates a setting for Myobrace success. 

Mouth Breathing

Nose breathers keep their lips together and posture the tongue into the palate. When the tongue postures in the palate, the upper teeth spread wide and form a perfect “U” shape. 

The problem with mouth breathing is that the tongue is in the wrong place. The tongue does not rest in the palate and will either rest between the teeth or into the lower jaw. The upper teeth have no support, and the cheek muscles push the teeth in, creating a narrow smile and crowding teeth. 

Poor Swallowing

A good swallow occurs with the teeth together so the tongue is in the palate, where it does its job supporting the teeth and shaping the arch. When the tongue is placed incorrectly between the teeth or rests between the lower teeth during swallow, the tongue’s bracing support of the upper teeth goes away. It is never too late to swallow with your teeth together, but it’s especially important during young people’s critical development stages. 


We ask you to explore some of the below videos & books that help explain maxillofacial development. 

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