Two Week Carb Buster

Two Week Carb Buster in Las Vegas, NV


If we want to build a proper “Aerobic Base”, or a system that operates in a maximal aerobic capacity, then there are a few common issues we need to address.

The most common impediments to a strong aerobic system and high blood sugar, insulin resistance and high cortisol levels.

By addressing the insulin resistance, we can drop the blood sugar and help balance the adrenal system at the same time; it is a very good place to start for everyone!

High insulin is not good for anyone. It inhibits the hormone Glucagon, which is needed for the system to burn fat. Insulin directs the body to store fat!

Insulin also inhibits growth hormone, which is needed to build lean muscles, especially aerobic muscle fibers needed for athletic performance and the heart muscle!

When we decrease the insulin levels we allow the system to burn fat as a fuel again.

Increasing the fat burning helps increase mitochondrial function and energy production.

It also increases the energy to the brain and heart!

Lower insulin decreases cortisol as well, and this can help balance the rest of the hormones.

But note, this should not be done right before or during any competition.


So how do we do it?

The main goal is to stop ALL SIMPLE Carbohydrates for 2 weeks.

This is the time needed for the insulin receptors to reset, and for the body to begin using fats as the primary fuel again. But it is not that easy…

Your brain may crave the sugars it is so used to, but that too will pass.

You should not go hungry during this time!

You should eat small portions, every 2-3 hours if needed.. just not sugar!

So start by getting all the sugar products out of the house for the 2 weeks..

If it’s not there, it won’t tempt you?

Also, a good tip is to use only small plates.  This helps you learn to control the portion sizes.

If there are others in the house, try to get them to do it with you, as everyone would benefit from doing this protocol at least once, and who knows, they may feel  a lot better afterwards.


1st go shopping…

Food you want to stock up on and eat:

Eggs, the ultimate food

Unprocessed cheese, hard cheeses are the best

Unprocessed meats, (grass-fed if possible) and fresh fish (not farmed)

Full cream, if you use milk products for coffee etc. or try Almond Milk (unsweetened)

Vegetables, raw or steamed (except potatoes and corn) and vegetable juices

Raw nuts and seeds

Olive oil, sugar free mayonnaise, sugar free salsa

Coffee and tea

Water! 2 liters a day minimum!

Food to avoid:

Bread, pasta or wheat etc.

Processed meats and salamis (they have sugar) and farmed fish (they are fed corn)

Fruits and fruit juices

Potatoes and corn


Skim milk


Sweets, ketchup, honey (use Stevia if needed)



Supplements from NuMedica:

Acetyl-L-Carnitine: 1 cap after each meal- MOST IMPORTANT! (NM706)

Gluco-Response: 1 cap after each meal (NM107)

Absolute Protein: 1 scoop with unsweetened almond milk for snacks (NM16 or NM17)

Power Greens: 1 scoop along with whey as a snack (NM 84, NM100 or NM 101)

Dual-TOX DPO: 2 before bed if you know you have toxins or large fat stores (NM23)


Now, for the next 2 weeks, do not eat any simple carbs! But eat often and do not go hungry!

This is not a diet, but don’t be surprised if you lose fat, and inches, as this protocol will ramp up you fat burning system!

And don’t be surprised if other health issues decrease, as well.

But what do I eat?

Depending on your normal diet, this can be very easy, or extremely hard!

Meal Suggestions:

Breakfast tends to be the most “Grain-centric” or fruit oriented meal of the day. Instead, have steak and eggs; Spanish omelets with a little cheese on top; fried eggs with avocado slices and cherry tomatoes.

Lunch: salads or mixed greens with cheese and a hardboiled egg

Dinner: small portions of meat with a large portion of raw or steamed vegetables

Sauces: melted butter;  heavy cream with curry powder, cayenne and black pepper; simple tomato sauce; sugar-free salsa; green curry paste with coconut cream.

Snacks: hard boiled eggs; leftover meals; nuts and seeds; vegetable juices; and if you need sweets it is ok to add 1 apple per day, but not juice!

After the 2 weeks are over, slowly add back fruit and beans, then grains and then sugars.

The following supplements can be found by clicking this link: NuMedica

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